Handmade Copper Water Dispensers & Copper Water Bottles

The New Shape of Water

Copper Water Dispenser Water Eggs
Copper Water Dispenser Water Eggs

Water Eggs

Embodying Sustainable Traditions

Divine Design

Stunning luxury water dispensers that simply own the room, they are irresistibly enigmatic and must be engaged.

More importantly, Water Eggs promise to keep your drinking water fresh and pure. 

Handcrafted by master craftsmen these luxury water dispensers are exquisitely elegant functional art.

Water in the morning


From AUD$680.00

Copper Water Dispenser Water Eggs


Water Eggs™ were conceived with purpose; to inspire a more sustainable relationship with water and deeper appreciation for the wondrous gift of life water sustains.

All life comes from water, all life begins as an Egg.

Life is first conceived within the dynamic environment of an egg. Using this shape enables your water to circulate freely and stay fresh, just as nature intended.

Water Eggs are sustainable ideas woven together with elegant design that embody environmental integrity.

As such, all our products are crafted using only the finest, reusable and natural materials.

Copper Water Bottle Water Eggs

Water Bottles and Carafes

From AUD$259.00

Water Chalice

From AUD$59.00

From AUD$59.00


Silver Water Chalice

First with your health in mind, Water Eggs™ are designed to preserve the purity of your drinking water.

Even more, they will always be a stunning centrepiece that lasts forever.

The History of Copper Water Dispensers

History shows many ancient cultures made copper water vessels for the storage of their drinking water.

Our ancestors knew that by storing water in copper vessels their drinking water became a tonic that boosted their immune system, reduced inflammation and purified their drinking water from waterborne disease.

Copper water vessels were and still are part of many traditions including Ayurvedic medicine that recommends storing drinking water overnight in the copper Tamara Jal and then drinking it in the morning.

Copper Water Eggs™ are a sustainable luxury offering incredible health benefits.