What is the Best Drinking Water?

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What is the best drinking water for your body?

It’s amazing, no one talks about the best drinking water you need!

Very few people talk about water quality and different types of water but the fact is water is essential for life, conciousness and everything that goes on inside your body. So if it is so important why isn’t water quality an educational subject? Everybody is taught is water is simply a transparent, colourless and odourless chemical substance that is H2O. Kind of kills any further inquiry right there. But how do two gases create a liquid anyway?

But get this, although we are surrounded by water but we don’t talk about how important the chemistry of water is for life. Scientists are only just discovering this and appreciating more that water is much more complex than traditionally thought. As a carrier of oxygen, nutrition, waste, information and memory too, invites curiosity to ask what is the best water to drink?

Most people who have access to ‘sanitised water’ e.g. bottled water, filtered or tap water but 85% of people who have access to these types of water are dehydrated! People generally do not feel drawn to drink this water because it doesn’t appeal to them but this is an instinctual awareness because that water is not hydrating. Even after that drinking water they will still feel dry.

The good news is you can improve water that comes from a plastic bottle or tap to make it more bio available and easy to learn how. First get it out of the plastic; nearly all plastic contaminates water with toxic compounds. If it is tap water you can filter it.

Here’s the life lesson: Fish do not and can not live in pure water!

Pure water is distilled water and similar to reverse osmosis water and does not support life! If plants only have distilled water they do NOT thrive and become vulnerable to disease. This is a good thing to recognise that if your plants aren’t thriving then you can’t expect the same water is going to make you bloom! The best drinking water supports you to thrive.

The water that supports life is carrying dissolved minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium. These minerals in the water are known as electrolytes and they are required to enable water to carry the millions of electric impulses or messages throughout the body for the body to function and be healthy and responsive. Water is like a fibre optic cable transmitting information. But the ultimate water you want is more like a super Liquid Crystal amplifier /sender /receiver semi conductor to make your body’s communications highly efficient in the continuous relaying of messages, which is happening all the time simultaneously in every part of the body – mind blowing. Thanks water : )

Water is also known as the ‘universal’ solvent. Apart from being the channel (liquid crystal) by which messages are sent and received it carries dissolved nutrition to the cells and toxins (waste) away from the cells. Water dissolves, absorbs and carries the essential elements and information required to support life in an organism. Waters’ content and structure changes with everything it comes in contact with.

Just you may choose premium fuel for your car, choose the premium drinking water for your body too to harmonise and maximise your physical and mental states of being.

Perhaps as a civilisation as we begin to know more about water there may one day be a rating for water quality determined by the extent to which water hydrates and supports life and consciousness, physical stamina, mental clarity, the immune system, a responsive nervous system, effective elimination and slows or even reverses aging… 

Not so long ago we were able to rely on spring water laden with a balance of minerals that provided nutrition for the body. Not all spring water is good, but some spring water is great and the difference can be the mineral content present in that great spring water.

While most of us don’t have access to spring water you can improve your own drinking water. Whether that be bottled water or tap water and it is simple to do. 

To make water more bio available and increase hydration simply add sea salt to taste, so simple! Not a lot of sea salt, just a hint and you will be amazed at how this small amount of sea salt makes the water more soft, palatable and enjoyable to drink. When you add this small amount of salt you a re adding essential minerals to your drinking water. As an example, we add a slightly rounded teaspoon of sea salt to 20 litres of water. Just by doing this you will feel more hydrated, more energised and clear. You will find when you are hydrated aches and pains begin to disappear, you sleep better, you eliminate better and you urinate less! And so much more. Being hydrated is key to good health.

Everything begins and ends with water.

Why Copper Is Essential For The Immune System by Water Eggs

Health Benefits of Copper

Copper and Your Immune System The importance and benefits of copper as an essential trace element includes supporting a strong immune system, the formation of blood, as an antibacterial and cellular communication.  A copper deficiency will have a significant impact on your overall health, especially on your immune system. Your immune system is always active.

Lab Testing Coppers Antibacterial Properties

Lab Testing Coppers Antibacterial Properties

Hand crafted copper vessels have been used to purify water for thousands of years.

Copper is a safe and sustainable way to keep your water safe from bacteria, viruses, mould and parasites.

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