Water Carafes

Stunning Copper Water Dispensers, Copper Water Bottles, Copper Water Chalices and Tamara Jal (copper water). All our products are handmade from pure copper using ancient metal forming skills  that originated in Persia around 700 b.c.

Exterior finishes include natural copper and authentic or imitation silver, gold, powder coating and enamel. Each piece is crowned with a turquoise or black onyx gemstone. 

Copper Water Dispensers: 23 litres

Years in the making these stunning water dispensers and water bottles harmonise aesthetics, functionality and health benefits. Using pure copper to store water was and still is the Ayurvedic way of natural health to strengthen the immune system and keep drinking water fresh indefinitely.

Copper Water Bottles and Water Bottles: 1.1 litres

This was how our ancestors stored water. The natural alkalising properties of copper sweeten drinking water. Copper water bottles also purify water of bacteria, mould, algae and parasites. 

Copper Water Chalices: 500 ml

Water willing receives silver, copper and gold ions that transfer from the interior plated surface of water chalices and the copper Tamara Jal. According to Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine each element offers distinct health benefits that have remarkably positive effects on your drinking water and wellbeing. 

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  • Copper Water Bottle Water Eggs

    Black Copper Water Bottle


    Copper drinking bottle with black exterior finish, gold trim solid copper stopper and black onyx crown.

    Know thyself! Striking nonconformity and potency.

    This bold statement in design demands one to look twice at this stunning water bottle as it is also a reminder to stay in your power.

    Unexpected and mysterious, it is a rare and iconic gift that serves to embolden others to reach for the extraordinary.

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  • Sale! Copper Water Bottle Water Eggs

    Copper Water Bottle


    Timeless classic design evoking images of an ancient and mystical past.

    This pure copper bottle is topped with a turquoise gemstone that is valued for its affinity with water that heals.

    Enticing and irresistible, this magnificent handmade water bottle extends an invitation to be be held.

    As pure copper ages the colour magic of copper is revealed on the copper bottle, an ever changing patina of colour ranging from hues of turquoise blue, emerald greens and fiery red. The emerging colours are unique to each environment and every owner.

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  • Copper Water Bottle Water Eggs

    Gold Copper Water Bottle


    Sensuous and sublime symmetry.

    Produced by master craftsmen this gold finished copper water bottle emanates refinement.

    Symbolic of rebirth, it is an exquisite and exceptionally rare gift for auspicious occasions and new beginnings.

    Crowned with black onyx this gorgeous copper bottle inspires confidence to trust in the power of your authentic self.

    A divinely beautiful gift to express blessings and good will for the success and prosperity to the one you love.

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  • Copper Water Bottle Water Eggs

    Silver on Copper Water Bottle


    Silver exterior / copper interior

    Sensuous and ethereal the silver water bottle is complete with a turquoise gem stone.

    Luxury elegance captures the luminosity of the moon this beautiful copper drinking bottle is predestined to be an eternal keepsake.

    Exquisitely handmade and entirely original design it is an exotic gift expressing deep appreciation for the miracle of water.

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