Copper Water Bottle Water Eggs

4 Easy Steps to Make Water For Deep Hydration

Why copper water bottles help you rehydrate with sweet, alkalised, pure water. Feel your body replenish now!

Are You Drinking Litres of Water and Still Feel Dry?

Do you drink 2 or 3 litres of water a day and still have a dry mouth and feel thirsty.

Are you gagging at the thought of drinking more water and running to the toilet every 5 minutes?

These are warning signs of dehydration that the water you’re drinking is stressing your body. It’s time to change your water now!

The good news is making water that deeply hydrates is easy.

Symptoms of Dehydration

The First Signs of Dehydration

Believe it or not most people aren’t aware they have a dry mouth, it just feels . . . ‘normal?

Take a moment and tune into the physical sensations in your mouth.

Do you have any these signs of dehydration?

  1. Tongue feels burnt, scraped or dry
  2. Inside of cheeks feels dry
  3. Saliva scarcity; difficulty chewing or swallowing
  4. Thirsty after drinking
  5. Bad breath
  6. Clammy mouth
  7. Dry lips

What is Water That Hydrates?

The degree to which water can hydrate and nurture your body are the first metrics of water quality. 

Your drinking water must:

  • be bio-available at a cellular level
  • channel nutrition and oxygen throughout the body 
  • be able to remove waste and toxins
  • lubricate joints
  • conduct nerve impulses (electrical signals)
Woman who is Hydrated

4 Easy Steps to Make Water That Deeply Hydrates

The reason tap and bottled water do not hydrate your body as it should is because water is missing essential minerals and electrolytes and, toxic chlorine has been added to tap water.

Your body instinctively knows when water is bad for you and will reject it.

Fortunately, water is very forgiving and you can quickly and easily restore water to be the elixir of life your body needs and reverse signs of dehydration.

You will have a new experience in what good water is. 

These steps are very simple but will make a huge difference to how you feel.

   1. Filter Drinking Water

   2. Add Minerals and Trace Elements 

   3. Remove Chlorine

   4. Alkalise

Step 1: Filtered Water

If you’re starting with tap water you must filter this water to remove impurities and parasites.

While you must remove as many undesirable elements as possible the problem is water filters also remove the good minerals too, these are the essential building blocks for your body!

Note: Filtration systems are only good if they are maintained, kept clean and replaced when recommended.

Step 2: Add Minerals and Trace Elements

Originally our fresh water sources were loaded with nutrition in the form of dissolved minerals.

By adding sea salt or Himalayan Rock Salt to your drinking water you’re adding a valuable source of nutrition just as nature designed.

“It has been adequately demonstrated that consuming water of low mineral content has a negative effect on homeostasis mechanisms, compromising the mineral and water metabolism in the body.” – World Health Organisation Publication

How Much Salt?

Do not make the water taste salty!

A small amount of salt is all you need and make sure it is dissolved before drinking it.

Here’s your guide of how much salt to add:

  • 1/3 of a teaspoon to a 15 litre container
  • a pinch of salt to a litre bottle
  • half a pinch to a glass of water

Don’t get bogged down on measuring grains of salt, just don’t make the water taste salty and if you do, just add more water.

Step 3: Remove Chlorine

All mains water supplies in Australia have added chlorine as a disinfectant.

While Chlorine is a great chemical for killing bacteria it also kills the healthy bacteria in your gut known as probiotics (pro-life). This reduces your digestive capabilities, depletes your immune system and effects the regularity of bowel movements’ something to ponder if you’re feeling bloated…

Constipation is also a sign of dehydration that will make you feel tired, uncomfortable, heavy, foggy headed, clogged and gain weight.

To remove chlorine allow filtered water to stand in a container open to atmosphere for thirty (30) minutes before drinking, this allows chlorine can ‘gas off’ and evaporate from the your water.

Do not use plastic to store water in even if it is labelled ‘BPA FREE’. Other chemicals similar to BPA are used that, like BPA, are endocrine disruptive chemicals that play havoc with your hormones.

Store water in glass, terracotta, ceramic or even better, copper.

Something else water loves is a bit of sunshine; it is as if the pure light of the sun is transferred to the water to become liquid light. Try it, your water will taste better again.

Step 4: Alkalise

Adding a little lemon, lime or apple juice to your water will help your body assimilate.

Copper Water Bottle Water Eggs

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Why Copper Bottles?

From around 700 b.c. the Persians discovered copper purified water and prevented wounds becoming infected.

That knowledge was passed down down through the generations, as such, copper vessels and cookware are highly valued in homes throughout the middle east and central Asia.

We have all seen the green slime growing inside plastic  and glass bottles; this never happens with copper bottles.

What makes copper the ideal material to hold drinking water is copper prevents the growth of bacteria, mould, algae, fungus and parasites. 

Copper also alkalises water that makes water taste sweeter and, adds copper ions to your water that strengthen your immune system.

WARNING: Long Term Dehydration Becomes Chronic Disease

Chronic disease

People are so used to living with dry mouth and other sensations they simply don’t make the connection these are signs of dehydration. 

Interestingly, they have little or no desire to drink tap or bottled water but may force themselves anyway or drink tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Symptoms relating to dehydration multiply overtime including physical discomfort such as stiffness in the joints, muscles, bones, bloating, headaches, constipation etc until one day the collective symptoms have become a chronic disease that will accompany you all the way to a slow and painful death. .

The root cause likely being chronic dehydration!

Chronic disease
Unhealthy drinks, anything but water

Anything but water is some people’s motto, despite the risks!

Why Are So Many People Dehydrated?

It’s totally understandable the smell or taste of water from the tap or bottled water turns people off drinking water.

It’s a natural response for our body’s to reject heavily chlorinated water that has zero nutritional value.

Soft drinks, packaged juice, tea and coffee are often preferred to water.

The problem is these beverages amplify symptoms of dehydration because they are diuretics that expel fluid and salt from the body.

Good Things Begin to Happen When You Add a Little Natural Salt to Your Drinking Water

The water we used to drink was loaded with minerals. Now most people are drinking ’empty’ water that does not have any nutritional content.

By replacing the minerals lots of good things can begin to terms of restoration and rejuvenation.

As minerals are the building blocks for our entire physiology including the endocrine system, the chemical factory in our body that sends out packets of instructions (hormones) that keep everything in balance.

These minerals also provide the electrolytes your body needs to send and receive the zillions of messages that are sent continuously throughout your body.

Minerals make water softer. palatable and more bio-available meaning, water is more easily assimilated at a cellular level and that means water is being retained by your body and you won’t not be running off to the toilet every 5 minutes, a sure sign your kidneys are working overtime to remove excess water.

Our Relationship With the Ocean

We are 70% water just as 70% of our planet is covered with water.

The same minerals that support life in the ocean are the same minerals we also need to thrive.

Depending on where rock salt or sea salt is harvested it will provide 60 – 80 essential minerals and trace elements we must have.

Why Add Sea Salt to Drinking Water

Electrolytes For Extreme Dehydration

If you are extremely tired and have a lot of physical discomfort from stiffness and  aching muscles on any side you lay on at night or restless legs, purchase some packaged electrolytes from the chemist.

Avoid electrolytes that contain artificial sweeteners or flavouring!

Add one sachet of electrolytes to 1 litre of water and sip that during the day. Do this for a few days until the aches and pains disappear, then they can be discontinued.

Electrolytes are particularly beneficial to boost your hydration in hot climates, after exercise or heavy work where you have perspired a lot.

Copper Water Bottle Water Eggs

Experience Immediate Positive Effects by Drinking Water That Deeply Hydrates

Water will taste smoother, softer and more palatable and here’s the kicker, your body will want more of this type of water.

Your thirst will be satisfied and you won’t feel dry!

You will feel your body opening to water that nurtures.

What You Can Expect:

  1. Your thirst is quenched with less water
  2. Your mouth will feel ‘wetter’, the tongue won’t feel dry, burnt or scraped.
  3. Bad breath becomes a thing of the past
  4. Bowel movements are more regular
  5. Cravings for salt or sugar reduce
  6. Appetite stabilises
  7. Aches and pains begin to disappear.

Recommendation: Keep a journal of your progress starting with writing a list of the various of symptoms that are causing you discomfort. These symptoms are signs of dehydration – not signs of being a hypochondriac – your body is simply asking that you take notice and ask why.

Refer to the journal sometimes and take note how symptoms begin to disappear, often in the reverse order in which they appeared!

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

Water is much more than H20.

We have an absolute dependency on nutritional water to experience good health. So ,give thanks to water as you embrace creating your own elixir for health and wellbeing.

Start your day with 500 ml – 1 litre as your first flush for the day and set the tone to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Over time you’ll notice you need less water to feel hydrated because your drinking water is being assimilated.

The best part is your body is no longer holding fluid, you have more energy and maybe lost a little weight too!

Copper Water Bottles That Hydrate

After thousand of years this is still the Ayurvedic way of natural health to purify and enhance drinking water.

The natural properties of copper make water taste sweeter as it alkalises and keeps water free from bacteria, mould, algae and parasites while adding of copper ions to strengthen your immune system.

Designed to last forever, they are a treasure you will adore every day and help reverse signs of dehydration.

Copper Water Bottle Water Eggs
Copper Water Bottle Water Eggs

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