From Sustainable Traditions

Deep Sustainability Begins With Acknowledging the Magnificence of Life

Water Eggs, an idea created on the maxim of life, ‘All life comes from water and all life begins as an egg.’

It is profoundly simple and yet, life is the ultimate sophistication.

Handcrafted in pure copper, the archetypal form of the egg shape connects us all to the origins of life, it is primordial.

Home to the conception of life the ovoid shape of an egg has a dynamic influence on water. Therefore as water dispensers, Water Eggs™ become the perfect sanctuary for the storage and enhancement of your drinking water.

This dynamic living environment keeps your drinking water fresh and pure. The ovoid shape allows water molecules to circulate freely and is purified by copper’s antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

Our ancestors cherished copper because of its unique health benefits. More than that, copper has always been valued for its aesthetic qualities, durability and the fact it can be endlessly recycled without loss of integrity.

Copper is a currency for life that continuously appreciates in value.

Water Eggs™ integrate design features that embrace the synergy of function, art and life the hallmarks of sustainable luxury.

Our commitment is crafting products that last forever and therefore, we pledge a life time guarantee.

Water Eggs™ are exquisite water dispensers and carafes that promise to contribute measurably and continuously to your health.

As functional art Water Eggs™ embody the essence of sustainable luxury and will be valued by successive generations for many years to come.

Fresh and pure intention for the elixir of life, Water Eggs™ is the new shape of water.

Return Policy

Thank you for purchasing Water Eggs™ products.

Water Eggs™ offer a “Rolls Royce” product designed to last many lifetimes. Before dispatch your purchase was thoroughly tested for soundness and as such Water Eggs™ guarantees your purchase against leaking from faulty workmanship.

To safe guard your purchase items are sent by Express Mail Post with tracking code to verify delivery and insurance against loss or damage during transit.

Upon receipt of your Water Egg package first make sure the package is intact. Take photos and/or video of any damage to the packaging to support any possible insurance claim.

in the event of there being a leak on the dispenser, bottle or Tamara Jal caused by faulty workmanship the Purchaser must contact Water Eggs™ at within 14 days of receipt of the product and provide photographic and/or video evidence to support the claim.

After the claim has been approved by Customer Care at Water Eggs™ the product must be repackaged securely in the same condition the product was received and in the original packaging then forwarded by courier to the address nominated by Water Eggs™ within 7 days.

Water Eggs™ will cover transport costs to and from the destination detailed on the original purchase order.