Blog: Drinking Water

Science Based Articles on the Benefits of Copper and Mineralising Water

Scientific research and articles on the health benefits of copper, the antibacterial properties of copper, copper for the immune system, the importance of mineralising drinking water, the risks of plastic in drinking water and how to make water that hydrates more.
Why microplastics are dangerous

Health Risks of Plastic In Drinking Water

Plastic is an Ecological Disaster Plastic is an infinitely versatile and cheap material to produce but what are the health risks of plastic in drinking water? It is common knowledge plastic has become an ecological

How to Live Longer and Feel Better by Water Eggs

How to Live Longer and Feel Better

How to Live Longer and Feel Better Your drinking water is ripe for opportunity to become an elixir for you to live longer and feel better. If you’re drinking pure water you are missing out

Why Endocrine Disruptors In Water Are Dangerous To Health

Endocrine Disruptors in Bottled Water

Endocrine Disruptors in Bottled Water The Endocrine Disruptors in bottled water people are drinking today will have far reaching health consequences tomorrow. Single use bottled water might be one of the most popular products in

Why Add Sea Salt to Drinking Water

Why Add Sea Salt To Drinking Water

Three BIG reason why you must add sea salt to drinking water are, to make it more hydrating, as a way of delivering nutrition in the form of dissolved essential minerals into your body and

The Philosophy of Water What We Can Learn From Water

Be Like Water

“Water: A Living Philosophy to Embody Peace Of Mind” “Be water, my friend.” “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Now, you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water

Names of well known health springs

The Health Benefits of Spring Water

Not All Water is Good, But Some Water Is Great The noted anthropologist Andrea Ballestero (2019) states: “Water is always more than itself; its force and material presence constantly frame people’s efforts to address the

Health and Prosperity Feng Shui Water By Water Eggs

Feng Shui Water

Feng Shui is a philosophy and art form the roots of which are found in Tao philosophy going back thousands of years. Feng Shui studies how the environment influences people and how we can use

Copper Water Dispenser Water Eggs

How to Make Water That Hydrates More

Staying hydrated means everything for your body. Generally, people do not feel their thirst is quenched after drinking water and this has everything to do with the type of water they are drinking. Even after

Copper Water Dispenser Water Eggs

What is the Best Drinking Water?

What is the best drinking water for your body? It’s amazing, no one talks about the best drinking water you need! Very few people talk about water quality and different types of water but the

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