How to Make Water That Hydrates More

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Staying hydrated means everything for your body.

Generally, people do not feel their thirst is quenched after drinking water and this has everything to do with the type of water they are drinking.

Even after drinking a lot of water their mouth still feels dry and their tongue may feel slightly raw or scraped. Have you ever noticed the taste of filtered water has a sharp or hard edge to it? It is not ‘soft’, it can taste almost metallic.

When your thirst is quenched your mouth feels wet and the tongue is soft. It sounds simple right? But ask around and you will be surprised at how many people don’t feel hydrated even after drinking a lot of water!

Here’s how to make water taste better and quench your thirst AND replace the essential minerals lost in the filtration process.

Optimal hydration is required for optimal health.

For good digestion, elimination, sleep, tissue repair, mental clarity, co-ordination, energy – everything, you need to be hydrated and 85% of people in United States are chronically dehydrated and it has a lot to do with what is missing in the water!

While filtering water removes bacteria, bad smells and impurities such as heavy metals, chemicals, plastic, human and animal waste, micro-organisms just to name a few, water filtration also removes valuable minerals our body’s benefit from.

Some water hydrates better than other water!

When you drink good water you feel more energised, your skin will look younger and overall you will feel better. Here are some steps to make water hydrate you more.

It is worth noting bottled water is typically filtered and demineralised water.

You need to put the minerals back into your drinking water.

“It has been adequately demonstrated that consuming water of low mineral content has a negative effect on homeostasis mechanisms, compromising the mineral and water metabolism in the body. ” – World Health Organisation Publication

This linked article it is an interesting read citing clinical evidence as to why drinking filtered and demineralised over an extended period of time will ultimately be bad for your health.

Demineralised water robs the mineral content of your body, it is the nature of water because it is the universal solvent.

Until recent times we were getting these essential minerals and trace elements from drinking water from natural sources.

Our bodies need these minerals and electrolytes because every metabolic process that happens in the body requires these minerals to function. These minerals are the building blocks of your body!

The good news is after the filtration process while the water is still in the plastic water bottle or water dispenser, you can then replace these minerals and make water more hydrating.

Since plastic is always leaching its toxicity into water, at the first opportunity find a new home other to store your water in e.g. glass, ceramic or copper.

The ideal shape for your water is egg shaped because this shape facilitates the circulation of water molecule and keeps water fresh.

When water is stored in a cylinder it stratifies and stagnates because the corner prevent water from circulating.

Disease breeds in stagnate water!

The next step is to add sea salt or Himalayan rock salt to taste! Do not add so much salt that the water tastes salty – just enough to soften the taste of water and make it more palatable. You will notice the difference in taste and feel immediately and want more!

If you have been drinking demineralised filtered water it will be a pleasant surprise at how much better your water tastes by simply adding a little bit of sea salt and how much more hydrated you feel.

As a guide on how much sea salt to use add a flat to slightly rounded teaspoon of sea salt to 20 Litres / 5 Gallon of water. But first dissolve the sea salt in a glass of water and stir until all the salt is dissolved, then add to the water dispenser.

This is just a guide and by making this  recommendation it is not suggesting that by adding sea salt to your drinking water is going to meet all your body’s mineral requirements. You know the deal; check with your health professional to make sure you are getting all the nutrition you need for a long and healthy life.

Adding sea salt or Himalayan rock salt to demineralised water is a significant step to help you hydrate.

It is an interesting fact that sea water contains virtually the same minerals and trace elements as those identified in our blood. 

Observing this, French Doctor Rene Quinton’s devised protocols in the early 1900’s using dilute ocean water intravenously as a substitute for a blood plasma. Rich in minerals the ‘ocean plasma’ helped him to successfully treat 1000’s of people, many of who had mineral deficiencies.

This highlights why it is so important to add minerals to your drinking water.

Dr René Quinton constructed his Law of Marine Constancy that states, “Animal life that originally appeared in cellular form in the seas, tends to maintain, for its best cellular functioning throughout the zoological species, its fundamental cells in a marine environment similar to its origin.”

Water quality is everything for good health. Be curious because you are a marine environment!

As a unique and integrated design WATER EGGS™ are made with the purpose of enhancing drinking water.

Handmade water dispensers for your home, business and lifestyle choices.

Why Copper Is Essential For The Immune System by Water Eggs

Health Benefits of Copper

Copper and Your Immune System The importance and benefits of copper as an essential trace element includes supporting a strong immune system, the formation of blood, as an antibacterial and cellular communication.  A copper deficiency will have a significant impact on your overall health, especially on your immune system. Your immune system is always active.

Lab Testing Coppers Antibacterial Properties

Lab Testing Coppers Antibacterial Properties

Hand crafted copper vessels have been used to purify water for thousands of years.

Copper is a safe and sustainable way to keep your water safe from bacteria, viruses, mould and parasites.

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